Discover the Advantages

Flexibility, with Control

Autonomy lets your team know that you trust them. With 24/7 access to the office, your humans have more control over their workday. Having a designated workspace provides structure and routine, and helps to solidify everyone’s role in your business.

Networking & Collaboration

Working in the same space as like–minded, motivated people like yourself opens the door to supportive business relationships. Networking opportunities can help your employees grow. When socialization takes place naturally, collaboration can spark creativity and innovation among your team.

A home for productivity

Maintaining a structured work day with a positive working atmosphere is guaranteed to improve productivity. The temptations of the couch have no power here. The simple act of going somewhere specific to work can help your employees mentally step into the professional role that gets the work done and done well.

A strong work culture

An environment fostering legitimacy, professionalism, and credibility: the key ingredients of a solid foundation for your business. Not to mention, the sense of entrepreneurial, go–getter spirit is infectious. You’ll surely feed off the positive energy going around in a place where coworkers choose to be together.

Save time and money

With flexible membership terms at sites close to your humans, you’ll do both. Remote or work from home allowances, upgraded WFH resources and multiple locations and service providers can add up to unmanageable incremental costs. One provider, maximum flexibility saves you both time and money.

Look good, feel good

Give your humans access to all the amenities of an office: wireless networking, office equipment, conference space, professional environment and more. When team or client meetings are required, SpaceFlex Partners offer socially safe, collaborative, work and meeting environments.

Shared workspaces, private office

Office space

Conference and meeting rooms

Free High Speed Wifi and Internet

Administrative services, receptionist

Business mailing address

Networking, business seminars



Free parking


24/7 access

 Corporate Memberships

15+ locations across Ottawa to choose from
Variety of properties, services and amenities
Easy for your humans to find suitable, conveniently-located workspace
Increased human productivity through workspace flexibility
Cost-effective solutions for providing remote-work resources
Simple to manage and easy to administrate
Single point of contact
One monthly bill