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The days of all office-workers daily commuting to a central bricks and mortar workplace are all but gone for good.  Especially five days a week.

The world-wide pandemic has turned the nature of corporate workspace on its head and companies and organizations are being forced to re-define the new normal when it comes to the physical space required to manage their company’s most valuable Human Resource…  the actual Humans carrying out the work.

The workspace world has changed forever. 

Leadership teams everywhere are struggling to provide adequate working resources and environments while maintaining productivity and profitability, not to mention control, when it comes to managing their people and teams.

Corporate office space, work from home or other remote working – no single strategy or solution works in every environment or for every team. While the majority of office workers say that they prefer some form of hybrid work-from-home and work-from-work scenario going forward, it has become abundantly clear that “WFH” is not for everyone.

Inadequate or inappropriate space, lack of privacy, inability to focus and constant distractions, from kids to cats, make for a difficult working environment for many.  More importantly, we are seeing more and more the negative effects on mental health when people no longer have a place to go to work or a regular connection to co-workers who might have been the most meaningful social networks some had.

From paying for home office shopping sprees and upgrading technologies to providing staff with compensatory stipends for added costs or even offering a monthly allowance for co-work and office rental resources, businesses are doing their best to figure it out – all while they might also be trying to ensure the very survival of their organization.

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Collaborative and Coworking Spaces have become the natural solution for many remote workers and organizations looking to optimize workspace opportunities and now, SpaceFlex has brought together Ottawa’s leading Coworking, Shared Space and Office Rental providers to represent the local industry as a whole, making it much easier for leadership teams to effectively “outsource” and manage the workspace requirements of their employees – wherever they’re needed.

Our Focus

Representing more than 20 locations across Ottawa-Gatineau, SpaceFlex provides our Partners with a unified voice and offers our Clients a single point of contact and billing for professional Coworking and Shared Office resources everywhere that your employees need them.


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